Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Caravan of Brides Update

It is Thanksgiving; a time to express my gratitude about finally publishing the novel, A CARAVAN OF BRIDES in September. It is now available worldwide, in English, 'everywhere books are sold' - from brick and mortar stores (yes you probably have to special order) to Barnes and Noble, Amazon and any e-tailer you can name. You can buy the e-book on many platforms around the world using this link:

Reviewers are all 'positive'. If you have read the book, please consider rating the book and adding an honest review on-line, or write about it on facebook, or send out a tweet. I'm hoping people will use the hashtag #acaravanofbrides on twitter.

On November 9th, Kirkus Reviews, a firm that reviews thousands of books for libraries and bookstores, gave A CARAVAN OF BRIDES a positive review, and added the distinction of a 'starred' review. Only 10% of books are designated with the Kirkus Star, and this is a very big endorsement for your first-time novelist/blogger.

To quote from the review (you can read the full review here):

"Campbell’s masterful debut novel delivers a story that matches up flawlessly with real-life aspects of Middle Eastern culture, geography, and history. The characters are deeply developed, and their stories intertwine with true events that readers may be unaware of, such as the 1918 flu epidemic and the 1979 Grand Mosque siege. The storytelling transports the audience to a foreign place and time with vivid details and timeless themes. As the well-paced plot moves forward, readers may nearly forget about its destination because they’re so wrapped up in the journey. A mesmerizing Middle Eastern tale to be savored from beginning to end." - Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

The official book launch will take place on December 2nd at 1PM at the Sherman's Book Shop in Damariscotta, Maine. I will post photographs from the event.

There is so much to be thankful for, indeed.  Happy Thanksgiving to you, dear Reader.

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