Monday, June 5, 2017

Becoming an author

My current headshot - will be updated this summer!

In the literary world, one is only an author when one has written and published a book. You can write magazine articles, op-eds, poems, and short stories until you fill a room with manuscript pages, but you are not an author until your work is put into a book.

If you use that definition, I have been an author for a long time. Back in the 1990's I published a very small print run of a history of the US Consulate General in Saudi Arabia. But I never used that title, perhaps because it was never released publicly.

When I started the quest of publishing my novel A CARAVAN OF BRIDES, I learned that the title author is reserved for those who have climbed the mountain from writing a book to publication.

So here I am. Publishing through the small Loon Cove Press, I'm managing the process myself. I've hired editors and designers, revised and revised the manuscript. My to-do list is long and I feel like I'm riding a big old bicycle up a hill, picking up speed each day.

Today I took the step of setting up an 'author page' on facebook. It's a big day for me, daring to declare publicly that I am indeed, an author. So here is the link to my new author page. Feel free to stop by and 'like' it if you wish.  Thank you for reading my little blog, and I plan to write more about this part of the process as the time grows near.

Here is the link:  My Facebook Author Page