Tuesday, February 7, 2017

14th session of the Arab Dance Seminar filling up

Once again, I'm posting about the upcoming Arab Dance Seminar. It doesn't take place until November 3-5, 2017, but registration just opened up and it always sells out quickly.

This year it's taking place in Dearborn, Michigan at the Arab American National Museum. The area is filled with Middle Eastern eateries and culture, and participants will be able to enjoy a more 'organic' cultural experience. In addition, Dearborn/Detroit is a fabulous airline hub for travelers. If you are thinking of signing up, don't delay!

This year's theme about the dance of minorities will be really interesting for me to tackle since I focus on the dances of women of the "Gulf" (Arabian Gulf). I want to include some really amazing roots dances that are rarely studied and performed. It is easy to think of the Gulf countries as monolithic desert societies, but they are varied and are influenced by minorities who have lived there for many years. The Gulf is geographically at a global crossroads, bringing people in from all over.

14th Arab Dance Seminar Link to website to register

Here is a recent video of the Arab Dance Seminar, with some clips from my classes teaching "Khaliji" dance.