Saturday, February 14, 2015

Birdsong Before the Blizzard

So here we are with 34 days until the first day of spring. We in Boston have had three, or is it four, big snowstorms, and we are waiting for another one to start after midnight tonight. It will be a blizzard until the morning.

One of my favorite rituals at this time of year is to start listening to birdsong recordings. Having lost my favorite cassette from the 1990's, I found this beauty on Youtube. It runs for four hours and includes the calls of a wood thrush, my favorite birdsong in the world. I posted about the Wood Thrush last year in fact. How wonderful that folks are posting such beautiful things on Youtube.

So as I wait for the blizzard, with large cooking pots filled with water in case we lose power, I can dream of spring.