Saturday, January 3, 2015

Good Luck with Your January

We have exactly 28 days, four full weeks, of January ahead of us. In coastal New England, while January is definitely our coldest month; the snowiest months follow. And even if February and March are snowy, January to me is like a deep dark chasm that must be crossed each year. We are standing on a rope bridge, creeping across it, enduring its challenges of cold and darkness, one day at a time. Not many cultural events are planned in January due to the fickle weather. So there is time for writing, thinking, and all manner of indoor projects. Our local AAUW branch has a wonderful tradition. We meet for a pot luck supper luck followed by a book discussion, on a cold night right in the middle of January. This year we are discussing An Unseemly Wife by E.B. Moore, and the author will join us. By month's end, the sun sets around 5PM again, proof that we've endured the toughest part of winter. So, may you pass January with good books, engrossing indoor projects, ways to enjoy being outside, and opportunities to see good friends. May it pass quickly.  How do you traverse Januarys?