Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Karim Nagi, lead actor in Shoma!

Karim Nagi, an Egyptian-born American citizen, is playing the lead male acting role in Shoma, a dance theater and storytelling show being produced by the Jawaahir Dance Company of Minneapolis September 29 - October 2nd at the Lab Theater. (Buy tickets here.)

Nagi plays the role of Badr (which means 'full moon' in Arabic). To say the least, it is a thrill to have Karim taking this part in the show. He is a multi-talented artist who extends his work beyond expected boundaries. His rare combination of abilities takes him around the world in his passionate quest to share many facets of Arab culture. He is a musician, public speaker, actor, poet, teacher, dancer, composer, and producer. Here is a link to Karim's website.  His latest project is "Detour Guide", storytelling with music and visuals. website: Detour Guide

Nagi is always searching for new ways to express himself and his ideas. In Shoma, he will act, perform folk dance, recite poetry, and play Arabic music. And, most importantly, he'll bring his outsize personality and charm to the role of Badr. 

Shoma is not Nagi's first Jawaahir show. He started out, in his words, as a 'Riqq Man' (playing the riqq - Arabic tambourine). Later he did solo dance performances. And now, he will be an actor.

Below is Karim's video artist's profile. 

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